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Giving Back
Community Projects

 10% of all Kreative Wellbeing Workshops booked will go towards running free community projects. The aim is to improve the well-being of targeted community groups that otherwise would not be able to access such resources.   


There is a mental health crisis in the Uk. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year and only 1 in 8 of them will access mental health support. It also clearly reported that both children and adults are put on long waiting lists at which time their mental health deteriorates.  

This is your opportunity to become a part of the solution and help to support the mental health of your community!  


You can read further statistics here  


The 10% of costings will be doubled in time by myself allowing your money and care to go further.   


Workshops planned include:  

  • Creating self-harm prevention boxes with individuals

  • Increasing Self-esteem and motivation in young men with ADHD  

  • Creative wellbeing strategies to inspire young mums  

  • Time out for carers of children with disabilities    

  • Special creative time for parents and children with behavioural difficulties  

  • Creative well-being strategies for rehabilitation   

I am open to discussing ideas for community projects that may be close to your heart. Please use my contact page to discuss this further. 

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